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Kickstarter Successful!

Dec 14, 2015


Make Me a God's Kickstarter was a huge success and we were able to raise 114% of our goal. We are in full production mode and games are available for sale right now. Check out the Kickstarter HERE!

Make Me a God featured on 'Bored? Games'!

November 4, 2015


Check out 'Bored? Games's article featuring

Make Me a God! In depth interviews with

the creaters of Make Me a God talking 

about the creation of the game.

Kickstarter November 11, 2015

Sept 26, 2015


The date is set! We will be launching our Kickstarter on November 11, 2015.


Keep an eye out for our Make Me a God annimated video.

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Make Me a God is a table top card game that revolves around heroes and monsters of Greek Mythology. In this game, Demigods, monsters and humans all battle to gain super powers from the ancient temples of the Greek Gods. Each player can control up to three characters at a time, which are used to gain power-ups from the temples and to attack other player’s characters. As a character gains more power-ups, they become stronger and harder to kill. When a player’s character successfully gains all 6 powers without being killed, that character becomes a God and that player wins the game.

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